Ensure accurate time reporting for your remote locations

iJobSight allows you to account for each employee and to know with absolute certainty if the employee is present at his/her assigned jobsite. iJobSight tells you (to the second) when the employee clocked-in and when the employee clocked-out of the jobsite. iJobSight gives you unprecedented control of your resources, even if you never physically step foot on the jobsite.

Plan / Track Staff Assignments

iJobSight not only provides you with increased control of your resources, but also it assists you in organizing and planning employee jobsite assignments. This is accomplished through the integrated web application, which allows you to schedule/track work assignments of employees, as well as to track/approve non-work time, such as Vacation and Sick Time. iJobSight gives you a clear picture of who is available and who is not available for work

Reduce time/expense for Payroll Processing

iJobSight gives you the ability to generate accurate time reports with ease. iJobSight’s time reports will accelerate your data entry in the payroll application of your choice. iJobSight also provides the option for a fully integrated interface with Online QuickBooks for an ultra-streamlined payroll process. This interface automatically feeds the time information for your staff into the QuickBooks platform, saving you valuable payroll processing time, and eliminating the potential for data entry error..

Streamline Exceptions in the field

In addition to the efficiencies gained by your increased level of organization and ability to respond, iJobSight streamlines the way you handle “exceptions” in the field with “real-time notifications.” Your staff can request exceptions in real time, and approvals can be granted in real time. This flexibility is critical during those instances when activities (such as material pickup outside the jobsite) need to be identified and approved. This information is available at the touch of your mobile screen, tablet, or computer from iJobSight.

Automated Media integration

iJobSight provides the ability to capture and manage digital media from within iJobSight's mobile application. iJobSight automatically loads the media and associates it with a job. This feature makes it extremely simple to capture, store, and retrieve images. iJobSight’s Media Library frees you from the time consuming struggle to retain and track the vast amount of media detailing critical aspects of your job(emails, attachments, text messages with photos etc.) media is never at risk. Your critical digital media is no longer vulnerable to stolen or damaged mobile devices; it is securely tucked away in iJobSight's Media Library as opposed to your SIM card or your phone.

iJobSight's Biometrics provides unparalleled security.

iJobSight's Cloud Base Biometrics are the most reliable biometric methods available. It is virtually impossible to find two identical Biometric Prints, which offers an extremely high level of security. It's available on compatible smart phones without the need for additional hardware or sensors to purchase!