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Do you Record Payroll hours in a system, or manually?


iJobSight's OnSite helps keep your staff safe by eliminating your team's exposure to COVID-19 due to using a timekeeping system requiring them to touch or handle anything!


Genuine Biometric Print Authentication

Online QuickBooks Integration

Automatic Timekeeping Reminders

Geofence Activity Logs

Global Positioning & Geo Fence technology

Staff Location on demand

iJobSight transforms the way you manage your remote jobsites.
Our Genuine Biometric Print Authentication allows indisputable verification of the employee’s identity.


iJobSight tells you who is available and who is not available for work. Track and approve non-work time on your phone.

Receive real-time notifications of your staff's exceptions pending for approval. Identify and approve staff activities on the go.

Do your teams sometimes forget to clock IN or OUT? iJobSight's Geofence Reminders can help eliminate those "I FORGOT" moments!


Don't struggle with paper forms for tracking. iJobSight gives you the ability to track time and also to track Geofence Activity!

iJobSight uses Global Positioning Systems and GeoFence technologies to identify your staff’s exact location against pre-defined jobsite areas you designate as valid for timekeeping activities.

iJobSight's LiveSight Feature gives you the ability to pinpoint your team's location on demand.

Around the block, or around the World, LiveSight keeps you in touch.


Capture and manage digital media from within iJobSight's mobile application across Android and iOS devices

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